Our Mission


The formation of Alumni Association is done in order to fulfill the following missions –

  1. To establish a close bond between the alumni of different years.
  2. Enhancement of excellence through sharing experience.
  3. Extension of knowledge through interaction.
  4. To nurture the leadership skill and collaborative action.
  5. To inculcate values through inspiring discussion and seminar.
  6. Enhancement of skill in the domain of profession.
  7. To meet young minds for feedback and improvement.
  8. To encourage research work in the field of education.


If you are an alumni of our College, it's a very proud moment for you to join our Association as soon as possible and walk down the memory lane alongwith your fellow members. To join our Association you may proceed with the Membeship process both Offline or Online mode.

For any query you may contact us by clicking the link below.

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